• Where are you based and how far can you travel?

We are based in Pune & Satara. You just need to arrange our travel and accommodation so that we can cover your story anywhere in the world.

  • How and when can we book you?

Click on the Form & give us few details of your event. You can block your dates as soon as 6-12 months from your wedding.

  • Is it okay if we are awkward in front of the camera?

If you are camera conscious or awkward, then it's totally natural to feel like this. However, that's where another benefit of wedding photography appears, as in the style photographers won't be asking you to pose or repeat look at the camera. Because the main goal is to capture moments while you are totally unaware they are doing. So, are you camera conscious? Then documentary wedding photography is perfect for you!

  • What are your deliverables? & When will we get our photos?

  • PHOTOS -

  1. Within 4-5 days after the last day of the shoot, you will receive the “Glimpse Of Wedding”, 40-50 edited photographs, in the Online gallery.​​

  2. 1000-1500 (no strict limit on the number) images for a usual 2-day wedding in the exclusive password-protected online gallery.

  3. The Premium photo-books are luxurious and elegant at an additional cost of INR 15,000 (25 sheets and approx 120 odd photos)

  • FILMS -

  1. A 3-5 mins cinematic trailer.

  2. A complete highlight film of 15 - 25 mins.

  • How much do you charge and what are the payment terms?

We customize packages for all our clients based on the number of shooting hours and the number of guests covered. We take on a limited number of weddings per "wedding season" to maintain the quality of our work, and we do not book the same date for another client. You will see one core team at Your wedding. As we get to know the bride and groom and their parents before the shoot, We are able to approach their wedding memories in a way that matches their expectations. You and your family will have a stress-free Wedding day. Providing as many details as possible will help us customize a package that suits your needs.​

20% of the booking amount is non-refundable at the time of booking and 40% is due 15 days prior to the event. The remaining 40% must be paid before delivery of the glimpse of the pictures.

100% of the travel this advance is non-refundable because when we commit dates to you, we turn away other inquiries and lose potential business.

  • What are the delivery timelines?

  1. PHOTOS - You will get the first glimpse, after your wedding in 4-5 days & a complete set of images will be delivered within 2 months after the wedding.

  2. FILMS- Every film is custom-made. It undergoes many revisions before delivery. So that it appeals to you, and can be watched again and again. Usually, it takes 3-4 months to deliver, which is completely based on our work schedule. In the end, you will get a pen drive delivered to your doorstep containing all the High-Resolution images and videos.

  • Is it okay if we hire additional photographers and videographers Team?

Well... this is not our one side decision. Each family story is different which needs proper communication with our team to showcase in the film & photos. We work very closely within our team to ensure we do not obstruct each other’s frames and for this very reason, we work in exclusivity.

We highly recommend that you hire us to cover both sides. It helps to move around freely and get the best shots possible.​

  • Do you give raw unedited images?

No. Really. Firstly, with a digital medium, there is no restriction on how many photos are clicked. Wedding data can range from 150GB onwards. A better example would be your favorite novel. You only get to see the fully edited and printed version. An author who would never share his work-in-progress scripts,

the thousands of torn papers in the bin, or multi-marked pages and revisions. We never give half the work to our client. We promise to never leave photos you want/need behind, and if you think we missed delivering a photo, please inform us. We would be pleased to go through our images and send them to you. We will not let you miss out on making memories.

  • Is there anything I can do to help you make awesome pictures & videos for my wedding?

Focus on what is important to you, and how you would like to remember your day. Celebrate the love at your wedding, absorb as much of it as you can, and share it with everyone around. Of course, good-clean Makeup, perfect outfits, lighting, and beautiful decoration always help. If you want to have portraits at every function, make time for them when you're fresh & looking your best.